an epistemology simulator

This is a game about Transcendental Idealism, the metaphysics of Immanuel Kant. Can a simple brick bashing game really help exercise your transcendental imagination to see through the phenomenal world of illusory contingent sensibility and directly experience the thing-in-itself of unknowable noumenal reality?

Well, of course not. But it can be fun and relaxing, and may bring a bit of peace to your day.

There are 24 arrangements, each with four increasingly difficult levels of metaphysics to unlock.

Throw the ball with your finger, watch it transform the phenomena until there’s nothing left to see or hear. Block the ball when it returns, or just let it sail past and throw it again. When all is apparently gone, your mind will be clear to apprehend pure transcendent reality.

Or, you know, not really.

But you will get a little mark indicating how many throws you took, and the opportunity to try the arrangement again at a deeper level. Until you get to the pure noumena- beyond that is no more.

And hey, you can always cycle back to the pure phenomena, maybe try to clear it in fewer throws this time. Sort of like a game, or something.

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